22nd Annual PNIRS Scientific Meeting; Seattle, Washington, USA, June 3-6, 2015

22nd Annual PNIRS Scientific Meeting; Seattle, Washington, USA, June 3-6, 2015  


To register for the meeting, use the "Register for the meeting and submit abstracts" link on the right.  PNIRS membersplease use your existing username and password to login to register.  Non-PNIRS members will need to create a username and password at the login link to register.

SLEEP members wishing to register for the closing banquet only, please contact PNIRS via email at



The meeting will be held at the Hyatt at Olive 8 at 1635 8th Avenue, Seattle, Washington, USA.

Hotel accommodations for attendees have been secured at group rates of $229.00/night (single/double occupancy), $254.00/night (triple occupancy), $279.00/night (quadruple occupancy) and $429.00/night (suites).

A link to meeting hotel reservations is now active at Online Reservations at Hyatt at Olive 8.

A link to visitor information is available at Visiting Seattle Tourism information.

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The program booklet for this year's meeting will be forthcoming.  The speaker schedule:  PNIRS 2015 Speakers.pdf

To view the program booklet for the 2014 meeting: Program Booklet 2014.pdf




The call for member-sponsored proposals is now closed.

Call for Proposals 2015.pdf
Application for member-sponsored symposia-2015.docx
Application for member-sponsored symposia 2015.pdf


Abstracts should contain plain text with no special formatting. Special characters (specifically greek letters, greater than or equal to, and less than or equal to) must be spelled out. Any special characters included in the submitted abstract will be shown as a question mark (?). Please use lower-case 'p' for probabilities, e.g., p < .05. The body of the abstract is limited to 225 words. Please write the abstract as one block paragraph. All tabs, line breaks, and extra spaces will be ignored when the text is displayed on a web page.

When submitting the abstract there will be an option to indicate what words or phrases you would like converted to special or greek characters for publication in the abstract book and in the special publiction of BBI (to be published after the conference).  

Posters can hang either vertically or horizontally.  The boards to hang the posters are 42.75 inches tall (108.5 cm) and 89 inches wide (226.1 cm).  If you have questions about the size of your poster, please contact PNIRS via email at

PNIRS has traditionally provided Scholar Awards to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Up to 20 trainees may be selected for this prestigious travel award. The award would provide financial assistance for travel or hotel expenses only. (Expenses are not reimbursed until July.) Applicants must demonstrate a commitment to the field through membership in the PNIRS. 

Check the designated box indicating an interest in this award when submitting an abstract online. Please visit the "Knowledgebase/FAQ" page for more information on abstract submissions.

For travel and other planning purposes: trainees who receive the scholar award are required to attend the following: Educational Short Course, Trainee/Mentor Colloquium, Trainee Dinner, and Poster Data Blitz sessions 1 and 2.

PNIRS must receive written notice of cancellations by May 15, 2015, 11:59 CDT in order to receive a refund less $50 processing fee. Cancellation requests received after May 15, 2015, 11:59 CDT will not be refunded.